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EasyReacH is a website that can help you with your family planning needs without leaving home. If you live too far from a drugstore or doctor’s clinic, you can use EasyReacH to buy contraceptive products and have them delivered to your address, consult a doctor and obtain a prescription to buy oral contraceptive pills on the website itself.

EasyReacH gives you easy, straightforward and judgement-free access to sexual and reproductive health information, prescriptions and trusted contraceptive products. EasyReacH is powered by a brand that should be pretty familiar to you - TRUST Reproductive Health Choices, which has been a leading provider for quality contraceptives in the Philippines for 30 years. EasyReacH and TRUST-brand products are brought to you by DKT International, a non-profit organization.

Disclaimer: Some EasyReacH services are only available to people who live in selected countryside locations. If you live in the city, the website will direct you to the nearest drugstore or doctor’s clinic.

Ang EasyReacH ay hatid sa inyo ng TRUST Reproductive Health Choices

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